Hyannis Triathlon Massachussets State Championship

For the fourth year in a row, USA Triathlon has named the 2020 Hyannis 2 Triathlon (September 12, 2020) as both the 2020 age group as well as the 2020 high school Massachusetts Championship race.

(The original designated race, Hyannis 1 Triathlon on June 13, has been cancelled. The state championships designation has been awarded to her sister event on September 12.)

For age groupers: if you finish in the top 25% of your age group in the Olympic distance event, you will quality for the Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee on August 8. Or: if you finish in the top 15% of your age group in the Hyannis Sprint distance race, you qualify for the Age Group National Olympic event! All Hyannis participants may enter into the National Sprint distance championship event on August 9; there is no pre-qualification requirement.

At the Olympic race, Massachusetts State Championship age group awards will be given to the first three men, and first three women, overall (must be Massachusetts residents to podium, but anyone is welcome to race)

Additionally, all athletes who compete at Hyannis will be eligible for the usual distribution of age group awards, as well as awards for special categories and relay teams, for both the Sprint and the Olympic races.

For high schoolers: state championship awards will be given to the top three boys and top three girls in the Sprint race, ranging from graduating 8th graders up to graduating seniors. Additionally, all high schoolers who compete on June 13 are qualified into the next U.S. High School Championships in early 2021 (except 2020 graduates). Must be Massachusetts residents to podium, but all are welcome to race.

The high schoolers will receive their own swim waves at the race and will have their own designated bike racks in the transition area. All participants must follow the competition rules of  USAT age group events. Drafting on the bike leg will not be allowed, and officials will be present on the course.

Any student, parent, athletic director, high school team organizer or coach is invited to contact the race director at info@neeevents.com to be placed on the mailing list for updates about the competition.