Why should a runner try a triathlon?


By Andy Scherding Admit it, the idea has crossed your mind! Here are some things to think about: #1  Extend your running life. Plantar Fasciitis? ITB? Damaged knee meniscus? DOMS? If you haven’t yet experienced

Why should a runner try a triathlon?2019-06-04T12:07:32-04:00

Where can I train on Cape Cod? – March edition


New England Endurance Events has unveiled a new monthly newsletter devoted to training opportunities on Cape Cod. We figured we might as well step up, being members of the Cape Cod Tri Team, the

Where can I train on Cape Cod? – March edition2020-04-15T18:52:08-04:00

Time to start prepping for those fall 5ks?


Not every runner thinks of summer as the “ideal” time of year to run hard and fast. Sure, a running race anytime of the year can be challenging and rewarding (just think of the “Grand

Time to start prepping for those fall 5ks?2017-09-27T14:00:45-04:00

The best Hyannis ever?


Lots of special touches to this year’s race.   Saturday, June 17 will be the 37th running of the Hyannis Sprint Triathlon — the oldest triathlon in the East — and our athletes have plenty

The best Hyannis ever?2019-09-30T10:31:44-04:00

Don’t train alone this pre-season!


Oh, so you can keep yourself fully motivated by doing hard workouts by yourself? Good for you! For the rest of us, misery loves company... Here's a listing of ongoing group training events held on Cape

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How do I stay fit over the holidays?


So, I’m not going to lie. I fall into the holiday health traps just like everyone else: lots of desserts and cocktails, less time exercising and less time sleeping. But, I have learned a few

How do I stay fit over the holidays?2018-02-14T12:22:26-05:00