What will triathlon look like in 2021?


At New England Endurance Events, we're looking forward to the time when we can all race together again. However, we are also mindful that although restrictions will be eased that doesn't mean many in our

What will triathlon look like in 2021?2020-11-03T11:15:45-05:00

Why should a runner try a triathlon?


By Andy Scherding Admit it, the idea has crossed your mind! Here are some things to think about: #1  Extend your running life. Plantar Fasciitis? ITB? Damaged knee meniscus? DOMS? If you haven’t yet experienced

Why should a runner try a triathlon?2020-10-27T15:57:02-04:00

Time to start prepping for those fall 5ks?


Not every runner thinks of summer as the “ideal” time of year to run hard and fast. Sure, a running race anytime of the year can be challenging and rewarding (just think of the “Grand

Time to start prepping for those fall 5ks?2020-12-17T11:49:38-05:00

Don’t train alone this pre-season!


Oh, so you can keep yourself fully motivated by doing hard workouts by yourself? Good for you! For the rest of us, misery loves company... Here's a listing of ongoing group training events held on Cape

Don’t train alone this pre-season!2020-10-27T15:58:26-04:00

What is New England Endurance Events?


New England Endurance Events is a race promotion company owned and managed by triathletes in the Greater Boston area and Cape Cod. We LOVE giving other athletes the opportunity to challenge themselves and have

What is New England Endurance Events?2020-10-27T15:58:33-04:00
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