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Thanks, Xterra Wetsuits!

Liam spent an entire day at Boston’s RaceMania wearing Xterra’s prototype kids wetsuit. Never did he ask to take it off. Comfortable and happy, Liam excitedly showed almost every visitor to the New England Endurance booth “my Xterra.” When the pool became free of the RaceMania swim competitions and clinics, Liam jumped into the water to give the wetsuit a try. He said he liked the buoyancy and the lack of restriction — allowing his arms to move freely.

Steph’s mom would be happy to talk to the Xterra team about Liam’s experiences with the wetsuit. Steph Goley is not only Liam’s mom; she’s also the social media manager for Q Marketing: the sister company of New England Endurance. She can be reached at (707) 357-1618.