Five great reasons to ramp up your swim training now.


By Pam Rogers Yes, it’s true…winter in New England has been very unkind this year. As the cold and precipitation continues to linger, hopefully we can find refuge and fitness indoors at a local pool.

Five great reasons to ramp up your swim training now.2019-02-15T16:28:51+00:00

Why should a runner try a triathlon?


By Andy Scherding Admit it, the idea has crossed your mind! Here are some things to think about: #1  Extend your running life. Plantar Fasciitis? ITB? Damaged knee meniscus? DOMS? If you haven’t yet experienced

Why should a runner try a triathlon?2019-02-18T15:21:24+00:00

Planning for a solid open-water swim.


By Pam Rogers From the seasoned iron-distance athlete to the aquatic newbie, pretty much everyone has experienced the trepidation — and adrenalin surge — that arises from the very thought of diving into the fray

Planning for a solid open-water swim.2017-09-27T13:56:44+00:00

The best Hyannis ever?


Lots of special touches to this year’s race.   Saturday, June 17 will be the 37th running of the Hyannis Sprint Triathlon — the oldest triathlon in the East — and our athletes have plenty

The best Hyannis ever?2017-09-27T12:05:29+00:00

Don’t train alone this pre-season!


Oh, so you can keep yourself fully motivated by doing hard workouts by yourself? Good for you! For the rest of us, misery loves company... Here's a listing of ongoing group training events held on Cape

Don’t train alone this pre-season!2017-09-27T13:40:23+00:00

23 triathlon terms to know.


If you’re new to triathlons, there is a long list of intimidating challenges. However, we are a supportive and fun community so there is nothing to be afraid of -- especially not knowing the lingo! In

23 triathlon terms to know.2018-02-14T12:22:00+00:00