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SOS Cape Cod: “The Recon”

Thanks for being part of this exciting event on Sunday, June 25, 2017!  You are one of a small group of hand-selected triathletes to be part of our exploration of the course for the very first SOS Cape Cod Triathlon — a race scheduled to be held in June of 2018.

Like the now-legendary SOS Triathlon in New York state, this recon will be a fun day of great experiences for accomplished athletes who are currently in half-Ironman condition or better. While our gathering will split into two guided groups — think 16-17mph bike, 10-11min/mile run for one; 19-20+ bike, 8-9min/mile run for the other — we ask that you NOT invite others to participate without checking with Don, Evan, Kathleen or Andy first (contact info listed below).


The proposed SOS Cape Cod is an endurance event currently undergoing the permitting process for a race date of June 24, 2018. The race course — and “the atmosphere” — will be based on the 34-year-old SOS Triathlon, held annually in New Paltz, NY.

In the same manner as SOS New York, the Cape Cod event will begin with a bike ride, starting at Mayo Beach in Wellfleet with a course that follows paved roads through Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown, then returns to a dismount in South Truro. From that point, racers will embark on a combination run/swim effort (12-miles of running, 1.5 of swimming, across nine legs) through the Cape Cod National Seashore lands in Truro and Wellfleet. The runners will be following existing footpaths and both dirt and paved roads, with the last run leg entirely on paved roads.

This event is a partnership between Don and Evan Davis (Don is the creator of the SOS Triathlon in New Paltz) and Cape Cod residents Kathleen and Andrew Scherding. Kathleen and Andy operate New England Endurance Events, a race direction and management company which stages six annual triathlon events and two running races on Cape Cod and the South Shore of Massachusetts. Two of the races have won international recognition for excellent organization and participant experience. Meanwhile, Don and Evan’s original SOS race has been named one of the 20 best triathlons in the U.S. and has received accolades from athletes from throughout the world.

Basic Facts

  • Date:  Sunday, June 25, 2017

  • Location:  Our day will begin and end at Wellfleet’s Mayo Beach (near the town center and marina)

  • Distances:  27-mile bike, 1.5 miles total swim, 12 miles total run

  • Starting time:  Slower group leaves at 10am; faster group 20-30 minutes later

  • Road conditions: All roads are open to traffic. You must approach this as you would any training ride: obey ALL traffic rules and regulations. Failure to do so could alert authorities and jeopardize the 2018 race event. Two short stretches of Route 6 (the “Mid-Cape Highway”) are part of the bike course. Follow the direction of traffic and stay well inside the wide shoulder lane

  • Insurance:  You must be a current paid member of one of the following USAT Clubs to meet insurance requirements for participation: Cape Cod Triathlon Team, Team Psycho, Baystate Triathlon Team, NY Triathlete Association, or Bucks County Triathlon Club. If you are not a member of either of these clubs, have your club director contact Andy Scherding. He will determine if your club’s USAT insurance plan makes it eligible for inclusion. Or, buy a one-year membership in the Cape Cod Triathlon Club for $20 on the morning of registration.

  • Photo/Video:  You will be asked to sign a waiver to allow your photo, or inclusion in a video, to be used for promotional purposes for the SOS Triathlon and for New England Endurance Events, as well as for any and all other related sponsors and partners. This includes Cliff Bar, which intends to document our day on the course for their promotional purposes. A photo/video clause will be part of the Waiver which all participating athletes must sign

Course Maps

Guided bike route with two groups. In case of unrepairable breakdown: call 508-527-1341

Stay with your guide; in the unlikely event of becoming lost follow the sun to a paved road.  

Important Details

  • Parking:  While there will be limited parking at Mayo Beach, there may not be enough parking spots for all participants. Park at the nearby Wellfleet Marina and walk/bike over.

  • Gear:  You need to be self-sufficient for this event, although there will be water and nutrition at the bike/run transition, and water at approx. 1/3 and 2/3 into the run/swims. Bring enough aboard your bike to cover the first 27-mile leg. Before the event, place your special needs bag into the New England Endurance truck at the Mayo parking lot. Consider putting a towel or blanket in the bag to pad your bike for the truck ride back to the start.

  • Guides:  There will be two sets of guides for this event. Accomplished cyclists and runners with local knowledge will lead the elites/faster athletes. After an initial survey of the speed levels within the group, they will set the pace. Please do not join the fast group unless you can meet the stated pace. There will be a pre-event meeting at the race site to help you decide which group to ride/run with.

  • Bike/run transition:  The bike leg concludes on Collins Road in Truro, 0.7 miles from South Pamet Road and 1.5 miles from Rose Road/Route 6. Your special needs bag will be waiting for you. At the conclusion of the bike leg, take whichever items you need from your special needs bag and place your bicycle in the race truck. There will be bungie cords and straps to help secure your bike. The truck will be locked and driven back to Mayo Beach by a NEEE staffer. This transport is being done as a courtesy; we assume no responsibility for your equipment. Another option is to have a non-competing friend or family member meet you at the Collins Road transition and take away your bicycle.

  • The run legs:  While the run is 12 miles, the nature of the trails are such that the distance will feel like it’s longer. We expect to have multiple guides for the slower run groups, which may break apart into separate packs. No one will be dropped. We suggest bringing nutrition, such as Cliff Energy Chews and Cliff Shots, in their pre-packaged wrappers to avoid deterioration during the swims. For shoes, prior SOS New York racers have developed their own techniques, such wearing sturdy trail running shoes and stuffing them in their apparel or in a dry bag for the swims. The recent popularity of swim/run events has created a new type of running shoe with which one can swim while wearing. Popular models are Vivo Barefoot’s Primus SwimRun or Primus Trail shoes, Icebug Acceleritas, and La Sportiva Bushido.

  • The swim legs:  We cannot guarantee lifeguard protection, although some local triathletes or lifeguards may volunteer to be out on the water that day. While the 2018 race will follow longer swim routes, for this training event we suggest following the shorelines. We also recommend using an emergency flotation device such as SwimSafe or SaferSwimmer. SwimSafe is an emergency pop-up buoy; SaferSwimmer is pre-inflated and remains so during your run legs.

  • Lost?  Our guides will do everything they can to avoid losing anyone. In the unexpected instance of a separation during the run in the highlands or the woods, we suggest following the sun until you come to a main road, then follow that road west toward the village of Wellfleet. Many walkers and cyclists travel these back roads in the summertime so you should be able to ask for directions.

  • After-Party:  Obviously we’ll all be hungry after, so there will be a meet-and-eat at one of the nearby restaurants after our excursion (everyone pays their own check). Return here later for details!

Course Photos

In the middle of the first run leg.

Entry into the first swim.

Exit from the second swim.

Exit from the final swim.

Hotels + Inns

Rated 3 stars or better. Shown in order of closeness to start/finish.


Even though this is an informal event, all participants must be pre-registered by June 18  — even earlier if you wish to receive a complimentary T-shirt. All fields must be completed. Signing of indemnity and photo permission waivers will be required on the morning of the event.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive a confirmation email from the organizers by June 18, contact one of us below.


New York Crew:

Evan Davis

Don Davis

Cape Cod Crew:

Kathleen Walker

Andy Scherding