An update on New England Endurance Event’s planning for the summer of 2020.

Like you, we are closely watching the news. We hope all of our athletes and their families are currently safe, and are taking precautions to remain so.

With June three months away, it wouldn’t be prudent to make immediate decisions regarding our summer races —but it does make sense that we plan for any contingency. Of course we hope the current public health concerns will be sharply reduced come June and July. And even when they are, we will introduce new health precautions into all of our races as standard procedure.

One of the oddities of the event production business is that significant costs are paid long before race weekend…as much as a year in advance. Yet while we realize there is a chance of one or more of our events being impacted — and what those financial repercussions might be for our company and our staff — we want you to know we will work diligently with the permitting authority to try to set another race date, or to give our registered racers options to transfer to other events, or even to defer their registrations to next year. We wish to keep every one of our athletes whole.

Kathleen, Andy and the NEEE gang want you to know that, for quite a few years now, the displays of loyalty and affection by those in our triathlete community have changed our own lives dramatically. We will always return this trust to everyone who participates in our events. 

This webpage will be updated every few weeks — or whenever we have any bit of news to share. We hope you stay safe (and keep training) over the coming days, and we very much look forward to seeing you this summer!